Saturday, March 5, 2016

Ken Nordine - Fuller Paint "Color" Spots (circa. 1964)

In 1966 Ken Nordine released an incredible album entitled "Colors" filled with word jazz, stream of conscious poetry odes to the various colors in the spectrum. 

His albums of Word Jazz have gained huge cult followings among record collectors, and his "Colors" LP is probably the most sought after.

The backstory of the recording of the album, is surmised in a footnote amongst the back of LP liner notes and some interview recollections by Nordine himself.

And that's it. The story has become myth, with all liner notes, reviews and sources reiterating the same summation. Well, last week I found a 7" EP containing the original commercials.

If Nordine is correct on his recollection, then two colors are missing, or were never actually distributed for airplay. He also states that aside from the drastic difference between the "Yellow" that appears on the LP, and in the original commercial, the remaining colors are more or less the same. But upon hearing these, that is most definitely NOT the case. Aside from alternate poems, you'll hear backup singers, sound effects and very different musical backings. Not to mention the recording "All Colors" which offers a tribute to the entire spectrum.

I date this recording at around 1964, mainly for the fact that sources state the spots were recorded in the mid 60's, and '64 was the last year Fletcher Richards, Calkins & Holden was known as such.

Download album here!

Oh, but before I close, the man who gave Ken Nordine the creative freedom to create this wonderful work of magnanimity, was an ad man by the name of Bob Pritkin. While doing research on ANY info I could find on the history of these ads, I found this set of photos of Mr. Pritkin pitching to the Fuller Paint Co., how cool is that?!

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  1. Where can i buy a copy of these fabulous old fuller paint ads by Ken Nordine